Arlene and Cathy DeBonis

Arlene and CathyThe back of this photograph reads, Arlene and sister Cathy.  I’m assuming this was taken at the house on River Road, but I’m not sure when.

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3 Responses to Arlene and Cathy DeBonis

  1. Christine Lee King says:

    I remember the house it had the Asbestos siding you can see in the picture. There was a detached garage, a grape arbor, and a Bocci court on the far side of the house.

    • Cathy DeBonis Regan says:

      There was never a grape Arbor, nor was there ever a Bocci court anywhere near the house. The men just used whatever part of the yard that was useable at the time needed. There was a huge tomato garden behind the garage. Perhaps that might be what Christine was thinking of…….

  2. Cathy DeBonis Regan says:

    I look about near 2 yrs, so that would have been in 1948!

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