Arlene Motter

Arlene MotterThis is a cute pic of my Mom [Arlene DeBonis Motter]!  The back of the photograph reads, ” I was making a face at Joe and he took this.”

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Calling All Family Members!

record-bookI am in need of photographs and/or records for the DeBonis and King families.  I am looking for birth, death, and marriage records, as well as obituaries.  Unfortunately, finding the time and money to track these records down is too much for me at the moment.  If you have or are able to track anything down, if you could email me with an image of it, that would be great!  I would, of course, give credit to you for tracking down the record.

Thanks in advance!

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Vincenzo DeBonis-Birth Certificate

vincent debonis brthcertI had hoped to run this through Google Translate, but had difficulty reading some of the handwriting.  After being way off base on some of the words, I gave up with the translator.

Even without the translation, this is clearly Vincent (Vincenzo) DeBonis’ birth certificate.  Vincent was born on September 9, 1910 in Palazzo San Gervasio, Italy.  Vincent’s parents were Nicola DeBonis and Maria Giovanna Dionisio.

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