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Welcome to the DeBonis family history page!

My name is Robin (Motter) Heise and I am a recent graduate of the  M.A. program in Public History at Wright State University.  I received my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Psychology and a Master of Higher Education Administration at the Ohio State University.  After spending twelve years working in administrative positions within higher education I decided that it was time for a change and time to pursue my love of history.  While enrolled in the Public History program, I have had an opportunity to  pursue some of my interest areas: the Civil War, Native Americans, local history, and genealogy.

I am a member of both the Phi Alpha Theta and Golden Key International Honor Societies as well as a member of Society of American Archivists and American Association of Museums. I am also a member of the Yellow Springs Historical Society and am currently the Records Manager/Archivist at the Greene County Records Center and Archives in Xenia, Ohio.



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  1. Christine Lee King says:


    For access to the King Family Tree e-mail me at christine67king@yahoo.com

  2. Christine Lee King says:

    First let me compliment you on this family tree you have posted here. You did a great job.
    Next please let my apologize if I embarrassed anyone with the story I posted. It was not my intended to embarrass anyone. It was a story about the family and the time period it took place in.
    The King family (extended) was a great family to grow up in. We had so many good times and parties, events. We had parties in Newport RI, Winthrop, Topsfield, Lynn, Canobie Lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, and many many more. I can never remember a fight or argument taking place at any time. There was alcohol and drinking, and plenty of it, but it was not excessive for the time period. The Irish side of the family drank beer and whiskey the Italian side drank wine. Everyone, or almost everyone, smoked back then. But my point is that everyone got along and cared about each other.

    I posted the family tree on-line for two reasons first in the hope that some of the younger family would take interest in the heritage that is slipping away. Second to document and capture some of the persons that have vanished from the family. Over the years there were many family secrets. There was an unwritten rule to never mention certain things. I too love history. History is for everyone and not to be hidden away in the shadows. Who knows that Nana King had a son born (out of wedlock) before Uncle Pat was born? He vanished at a young age and was never mentioned. I never knew my Dad was married before my Mom and the woman passed away. I was in my twenties when I found that out. I would love to see a full family tree with all the exes and children on it not to embarrass but to document history. I had some family pictures copied to disk and gave them to members of the family to enjoy. I sincerely hope the King family will enjoy the pictures and stories of the past and the future as well.

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