Vincenzo DeBonis-Birth Certificate

vincent debonis brthcertI had hoped to run this through Google Translate, but had difficulty reading some of the handwriting.  After being way off base on some of the words, I gave up with the translator.

Even without the translation, this is clearly Vincent (Vincenzo) DeBonis’ birth certificate.  Vincent was born on September 9, 1910 in Palazzo San Gervasio, Italy.  Vincent’s parents were Nicola DeBonis and Maria Giovanna Dionisio.

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2 Responses to Vincenzo DeBonis-Birth Certificate

  1. Carla Mannetta Grillo says:

    Hi Robin!
    My great grandfather on my mother’s mother’s side, Giuseppe (Joseph) deBonis was the brother of Nicola deBonis, father of your Vincenzo deBonis born in 1910. I have been researching my deBonis heritage this week and came across the marriage certificate for Nicola and Maria Giovanna Dionisio. They were married in Palazzo San Gervasio on 14 Aug 1902 when he was 24 and she was 21. His parents were Vincenzo deBonis and Filomena Adorno, my great great grandparents. Her parents were Giuseppe Dionisio and Rosa Nardozza or Nardozzi? It is hard to read. Says they were both farmers and this was a first marriage for both of them. Looks loke he was born in some place like Palmera? I cannot really read that part. Anyway, I’m working on the tree now. I’d love to chat! I tried to copy a photo of the marriage certificate here but it won’t let me. Maybe we could switch emails? Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Your cousin (I guess?)

    • Robin Heise says:

      Hi Carla!
      I’m so excited to hear from you. Feel free to email me at I would love to see the marriage record and am so excited to have found a cousin!!! Thanks for your note. Looking forward to chatting some more. :)

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