Posing for the Camera

Arlene Debonis and Margaret KingThe back of this photograph reads, “Arlene [DeBonis] and Margaret” [Doherty].

Photograph taken at Canobie Park in New Hampshire.

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4 Responses to Posing for the Camera

  1. Christine Lee King says:


    I don’t recognize my Aunt Margaret in this photo. She was born in 1913. The woman in this photo seem younger than 38 to me. It could be her at an earlier date? I know the family had many picnics in Breakheart Reservation. I will send a copy of the picture to Kevin Bourne, Margaret’s son to see what he thinks.

  2. Christine Lee King says:

    Robin a second thought Aunt Margaret was married on Dec 10, 1943 to William Bourne. If this picture was taken in 1951 she would have been Margaret Bourne.

  3. Robin Heise says:

    The information in brackets I added…I neglected to put a question mark after King. Margaret’s clothing in the photograph and the background is the same as the earlier photographs from the get-together in 1951. As always, any definitive information on the photograph is welcome. Thanks.

  4. Cathy DeBonis Regan says:

    That is definitely not Breakhart Reservation-and this looks like one of Arlene’s friends, not any of the aunts…… I cannot imagine your Mom posing for pics within earshot or eyeball of our father-that just would not have happened!!!!!!
    Possibly taken somewhere in New Hampshire, I’m thinking Norumbega Park?????, not sure-definitely not Breakhart, Saugus, MA.
    It could be Harriet!, her longtime friend. I thing she had a friend named Peg Tulipani.
    Doesn’t your Mom look sultry!!!!! LOL

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