Boy meets girl!

In order to begin trJoe and Arleneacing my branch of the DeBonis tree, I have to begin with my parents and work backwards.  It all began when Joe Motter, a boy from Ohio who was stationed at Fort Banks, Massachusetts, met a girl, Arlene DeBonis.

Arlene is the oldest daughter of Vincent and Catherine (King) DeBonis.

The notation on the back of this photograph reads, “Saturday we went to Glouchester”.

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6 Responses to Boy meets girl!

  1. Cathy DeBonis Regan says:

    OMG-my big sister. They are standin in front of my father’s ? ’53 Pontiac, In the
    background, you can see part of the Dickson’s house, a lovely family we all grew up
    with. I always remember my sister being beautiful at that age, this picture is a perfect example. I love the outfits on the both of them. WOW, I think I was about
    4 yrs old at the time of this picture. I had never seen this picture and glad it is published.
    Long,long time ago, that was…..

  2. Kevin Bourne says:

    Cathi. I think that the car in the picture is a 46? Plymouth buisness coupe. It may have been Uncle Dintys car????
    I do remember Uncle Vince having a 53/54 Pontiac sedan. It was the first car I had seen with self canceling turn signals. The rear seat was almost as big as todays queen size bed.

  3. Kevin Bourne says:

    Check with Jack DeBonis he may know.

  4. Jack DeBonis says:

    Dinner Table
    Left side Grampy Grasso , Bob , Jack ,Jean and Cathy
    Head of table Catherine (King ) DeBonis
    Right side Arlean and Nana Grasso
    With the big turkey on the table I would say it was Thanksgiving
    The reason I say this no Christmas decoration

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